Lavender conference

All the secrets of the queen of perfume plants

Want to find out more about growing, processing and using Lavender?

NEW !”lavender conferences” are proposed in english every saturday at 3pm in july and august !

In the heart of the area dedicated to discovering the enchanting world of perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants, we’ll explain the different stages in the production of essential oils and show you the different varieties of lavender grown in the region.

You can then explore the distillery’s facilities. The different types of still used to extract organic essential oils (traditional, caisson, etc.) will be explained, as well as the key stages in the production process, preserving traditional distillation methods.

The tour is led by our skilled and passionate team and is enhanced by audiovisual content to give you a complete overview of our activity. The tour ends with a discovery of the distillery’s products, including organic essential oils, organic floral waters, organic shampoos and shower gels, soaps, body creams and scented candles.

In short, discovering the Distillerie Bleu Provence is an experience not to be missed by all lovers of quality natural products. You’ll experience the passion and expertise of our artisanal company, whose customers include some of the biggest names in cosmetics and perfumery, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the town of Nyons.

Outside guided tour times, and subject to availability, you will have free access to our 150m2 discovery area, which presents the key elements of our expertise and the world of perfumery.

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